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Job Id: 170852

POSITION SUMMARY: This position provides support to the department in daily data processing with the Integration Point software platform to support the operation of the Foreign Trade Zone. The person will perform complex and confidential administrative duties to ensure accurate Custom Border Protection (CBP) and all other agencies affected by the operations of the Foreign Trade Zone meet all required standards.



The essential duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Customs Process oversight

  • Collecting necessary documentation

  • Create CF3461 and CF7501Entries

  • Filing CF7512 with CBP

  • Filing CF214 with CBP

  • Managing inventory through the IP FTZ Software; receiving shipments processing adjustments and shipping orders.

  • Generating necessary reports and working within spreadsheets.

  • Process Permit to Transfer for inbound shipments.


  • Customer Service with Inbound Freight

  • As needed follow up with carriers.

  • Assist tracking inbound shipments as needed.


  • Assist the FTZ Department

  • Maintain primary communication between the FTZ Operations carriers freight forwarders and brokers.

  • Assist with special project within the department.

  • Assist in all other duties as assigned.



  • Microsoft Office proficient and capable of learning other computer skills.

  • Ability to operate office equipment phone system and company software.



  • Ability to work under stress interruptions and tight deadlines.

  • Ability to read analyze and interpret information.

  • Ability to prioritize work problem solve and answer questions.

  • Must possess analytical skills.

  • Must be detail oriented.

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